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Reunion Cancelled until the 30th Reunion
We have had so few people sign up we have decided to cancel the reunion. Hopefully we can get more people involved with the 30 year!! We will be sending a refund check to all that have bought tickets.

Number of Registrations:

Guest Purchased Tickets
Joy Trusheim (Bartholomew)
Brett Canaday
Kim Balvanz (Canaday)
Bonnie Halverson (Linsenmeyer)
Jeremy Linsenmeyer
Jenny Dray (Miller)
John Montgomery
Jason Gulbranson
Natalie Gulbranson
Brett Hodges
Marlene Harris (Hodges)
Heather Ring (Van Pelt)
Mark Van Pelt
Liza Buck (Veren)
Peter Veren
Carrie Huffaker (Selvog)
Jessica Bruster (Copley)
Steve Cunningham
Sam Paxton
Total 19